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Thu, Feb. 26th, 2009, 12:31 pm

Esteban Cruz used to drum with us in Coma in Algiers. we recorded our first album and he designed the cover.

then he moved off to Spain for a year of adventure. he sent us images we used for posters (text most often added by Stacy Algiers; the last one was black n white - i changed it to yellow - the silkscreen posters were white, red and black).

now he is back in Texas. he is gonna make the design for the second album. probably with the figure(s) in the image above.

for more by Esteban Cruz ----> this is the place

Wed, Feb. 25th, 2009, 07:15 pm

The Numerators - three young brown dudes by way of Lubbock. they played some fun short trashy no wave punk. then they busted into some party hip hop like early Beastie Boys or Run DMC. shit was bad ass. then back to their clattery punk jams. Reverse X-Rays played their usual energetic set. yeah sure, some of their songs sound the same but i like em nonetheless; still reminds me of the Feelies in some parts. Ethan has his face painted. another member had a ridiculous outfit, lashing his tongue out, pouting between sax bleats or plinks from the guitar. had a great conversation with O about jazz. This Horn of Afrika - three young brown dudes from San Antonio. bass, guitar, effects-laden vocals, electronic drum kit. similar to the local trio Cry Blood Apache but yet not quite the same at all; both share sound & feel of Factory Records bands like Clock DVA or A Certain Ratio as well as such outfits as Art of Noise, Out Hud and Cabaret Voltaire. anyway, the show was killer.

an older man, yellowed from years of rolled tobacco smoking, said we reminded him of the Butthole Surfers. awesome.



"new" music discovery: Lois


Facebook, et al, risk 'infantilising' the human mind

Fri, Feb. 20th, 2009, 12:56 pm

Coma in Algiers recorded its second album, Your Heart, Your Body, about a couple of weeks ago at Bundy Hill Recording w/ T.W. Bond and Preston Dukes. we have some mixing to do but things are mostly done; should be out early March.

no particular order, twelve songs:

Possess It (v/g: Johnny; k: Killshire; k: Archbold; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
Not Really (v: Killshire; bv; Madison; g: Johnny; k: Archbold; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
In The Western Night (v: Archbold; g/bv: Johnny; k: Killshire; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
Trojan Horse (v/g: Johnny; k/bv: Archbold; k: Killshire; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
Love and Limbs (v: Killshire; g/bv: Johnny; k: Archbold; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
Something's Amiss (v: Archbold; g: Johnny; k: Killshire; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
The Weather (v/g: Johnny; v: Killshire; k: Archbold; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
Why Why Why (v: Killshire; g: Johnny; k: Archbold; b: Jefe; d: Cramer; bv: Bond, Dukes, Bradford, us)
Where's The Party? (v: Archbold; g/bv: Johnny; k: Killshire; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
Come Fall (v: Archbold; g/v: Johnny; k: Killshire; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)
Stop Singing (v: Cramer; k: Jefe; k: Killshire; b: Archbold; d: Johnny)
Weg von mir (v: Madison; g/bv: Johnny; k: Killshire; k: Archbold; b: Jefe; d: Cramer)

[by Johnny]

our show tomorrow is at The Broken Neck, a punk rock/indoor skate park joint on the east side of town. pretty cool, lots of fun. folks can't agree on how to describe This Horn of Afrika out of San Antonio but they agree that they are amazing; each performance is better than the last; i heard that their show during Free Week at Emo's was the best thing anyone ever heard. some friends of mine insist Reverse X-Rays are indie-prog but that makes me think of Olivia Tremor Control; i'll agree if they are talking about such elements as found in the Feelies or More Songs About Buildings and Food-era Talking Heads but those are lofty comparisons; that ain't to say they're not good because they are excellent with jerky rhythms, surf organ & guitars, yelps & ah's, tons of energy. from Lubbock come The Numerators; don't know anything about them but they are opening for HEALTH soon and Daniel Francis Doyle likes them and i usually agree with Doyle.

next week on Thursday, 26 February, we are playing at the Cantanker Magazine new issue launch party & art show w/ Many Birthdays, the Noise Revival Orchestra, The Great Nostalgic, Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat, MVSCLZ and others at the United States Art Authority. should be good, sweaty fun.

and the schedules and venues have been listed for SXSW 2009. we have an early show which means we aren't gonna miss anything. it appears that we are pretty much the only official thing going on on the Red River block at 7 pm (probably not true but the rest of the world fades when a show approaches), so i think we are gonna have a good turnout. Ringo Deathstarr will follow us; afterwards i think i will check out either PJ Harvey or HEALTH, whichever i can get into most easily. gonna be on the tiny stage of Headhunters. can't wait.

"Coma in Algiers do something a little different. Take the early Touch and Go type sound of Flipper, Big Black, and Jesus Lizard, add some weird noises and 60s influence that reminds me of Electric Eels and Pere Ubu, and throw it together with some antisocial lyrics and I'd say you have a winner. It's a little retro but kinda new at the same time, and it's definitely not "retro" in the sense of the Blondie or Gang of Four rips that are still floating around." [from This Are Music]

speaking of Touch and Go Records, some sad music news.

Fri, Jan. 30th, 2009, 04:31 pm

Live Shots

Photo by John Anderson

Coma in Algiers
Red 7, Jan. 23

Friday night offered a quintet of experimental local bands, each drafting its own version of the noise ordinance. Venison Whirled, the solo project of ST 37 drummer Lisa Cameron, welded sewer sounds from a vibrator and contact mics, among other things. No Wave quartet A Faulty Chromosome's equation included a drum machine plus a drummer, cowbell, synth, harmonies, and love of Joy Division and K Records. Crushes, a duo originally from Los Angeles, reopened Venison Whirled's sewer grate with electronic drums and a guitar made out of effects pedals in a manner reminiscent of Suicide or Chrome, though they could use a little polish. Cry Blood Apache, which seems to have a different configuration every time out, was its core threepiece, bass and shards of guitar pulsating behind singer Kaspar Glass' yelped waves. Coma in Algiers' tightly wound thrash capped the night. The quintet played material from an upcoming spring release as well as songs from 2007 debut This Is Your Justice, its lanky, left-handed guitarist pulling savage tones from his instrument while complemented by the feral screams of his bandmates. CIA's live shows always feel like they're about to derail, which is what makes them engaging. It's the kind of music that's itchy on the inside and projecting its discomfort noise with bed head and dilated pupils.

[from Austin Chronicle, 29 January 2009, http://www.austinchronicle.com/gyrobase/Issue/review?oid=oid%3A732905]

Fri, Jan. 30th, 2009, 03:31 pm

somewhere along the way all the facets of my nearly 32 years of life collided. listening to the first song of A Faulty Chromosome's 2007 album As An Ex-Anorexic's Six Sicks Exit,... entitled "Them Pleasures of the Flesh," i feel a strange clanging in my chest. "i just wanna be in love! i just like to be in love! i just wanna believe in love." while i am not immune to the things i see & hear in the lives of my friends, i am often the man on the moon, alone with his telescope, taking notes, drinking tea. the second song, "Anomie's The Enemy," and i think: really? my old friend? and anomie is what i see in my friends' eyes. oh, friends and their little rules. this is the best album of its kind that is not on Sarah Records or K Records that i have heard in a long while.

here in the Fine Arts Library on the campus of UT Austin, looking for employment as i have since September, contemplating all the crannies of my shortcomings. what strange bad luck finds me each month. and over n over AFC asks me in their third song what is it that i want. if i understood the question, i'd have an answer but every answer to each question i remembering responding to sounds like someone else's idea. i know it ain't true but the feeling stays.

we all have lies we hold on to. our lives depend on them. the two pillars of my program in life have succeeded to clear far more ground than i thought was possible. indifference. honesty. what's that? yeah, no kidding; how Aquarian can i be? still, i've been in the water too long.

as one part of me wakes up, another drops unconscious. it's like sleeping in a box.

there is no frisson in discovering anymore. the only dangerous idea i can think of is drinking whiskey to pass the time. everything else appears permissible. knowing better is a matter of perspective and i haven't that anymore either. a panopticon watches itself.

a chance to start over? no. that's an old mistake. no one really can start over. Rimbaud the poet and Rimbaud the legionnaire are the same gun-toting weirdo. folks like to say that if they could start over, they'd be better, do things better, etc. not me. i'd be a monster. the worn magnet in my personality would find itself lent not to the lines of a guest list or a ride to the zoo but to the colossal and stupid task of overwhelming. chances are i'd already be dead. lest you misread me, it is neither a desirable or undesirable state.

oh praise the loneliness of the short-distance walker.* (* track 9)

Fri, Jan. 23rd, 2009, 04:04 pm

the cool, crisp meander of Venison Whirled's elongated melodies like forgotten passages of Windy & Carl. A Faulty Chromosome recalls the playful, dreamy Eno of the early 1970s as through the most wistful moments of Arthur Russell or R. Stevie Moore. Crushes' ragged edges and dance-inducing rhythms combines the best of old-school goth/industrial favorites like Killing Joke and A Certain Ratio. the unpredictable Sturm und Glück of Cry Blood Apache. Coma in Algiers - cold coupling in the night.

Red 7 [outside]

all ages!!!

also tonight: Histo​ry of Texas​ Punk Art Show is havin​g its openi​ng at the Arthouse.

700 congr​ess
(7th and congr​ess)​
open to the publi​c!

Mon, Nov. 10th, 2008, 02:26 pm

the Coma in Algiers show last week with When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth and Dikes of Holland went well as far as the music was concerned. the turnout was a bit diminished and our volume apparently served to make the room more empty while we played but [shrug] no big deal. it was good to see familiar faces like Blake of skiesfalling and Daniel Francis Doyle. it was the second show with our friend and guest vocalist Madison; she does backup on Killshire's "Not Really" and lead on her song "Weg Von Mir," getting comparisons to Kim Gordon and Ari Up. i'm glad b/c she's been working hard and has been wanting to do something with music for a while, so this is a long time coming and i feel it really adds to our sound. --- i made the e-flyer for the show from a picture i took in the backyard of Patrick Sane of Boxcar Satan (he's the figure in the background) a while back in San Antonio. (even though the poster says so, ELV!S didn't play; there was some miscommunication, so they were listed as playing by mistake)

our next show is Friday, 5 December at Emo's (inside) w/ Red Leaves, ELV!S, The Gospel Truth. it's all ages and cheap free.


according to this quiz, i am "very quirkyalone." i'd never heard of such a thing until last night when Killshire mentioned an editorial he read in The Daily Texan. it reminded him of his coterie of friends, particularly me.

reminds me of what used to be my email signature in the late 90s; from Malick's The Thin Red Line:

Private Witt: Do you ever feel lonely?
First Sgt. Edward Welsh: Only around people.


Mystery Waves Strike Maine Harbor

in other science news, i want a colugo.

Thu, Nov. 6th, 2008, 05:11 pm

hello from the ether.

can someone tell me from where folks get this quote for Mark Twain: Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.

i know of such a quote but attributed to Robert Maynard Hutchins: Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until the urge passes.

am looking for gainful employment.

i'd like to read all of the Hugo Award best novels.

if you haven't seen it, there is footage of the 3 October MMVIII Coma in Algiers show at the Scoot Inn, ATX.

Sun, Sep. 14th, 2008, 04:55 pm

a lot has happened since my last entry. but that is always true, isn't it? well, since i had quit my overwhelmingly dull job at UTexas at the end of August, i have had limited access to the internet. my time has been mostly filled with reading, researching grad programs, playing Madden and eating baked apples. well, not entirely. one change is that i have a girlfriend. she lives and studies in southern California, which is where i am at at the moment. had i known that David Foster Wallace lived and taught not too far from where i type this now, i might have tried to meet him but now he is dead. i wonder why. but why is not really all that important, is it? i mean, what will such answers provide? he's dead. so much death and dying in the last year in my world, i don't have the energy nor care to feel the least bit bad but i shake my head nonetheless because loss is loss and his passing is a great loss to the world of letters. i have never read his novels; it was his short stories that i read and found illuminating. i found a kindred spirit of sharp, accusatory wit that reveled in its cooperation with its antagonists, a fellow compiler of countless connections real and imagined. wherever, if anywhere, you are DFW, be well.


spent three days at the Storybook Inn, a cozy little bed & breakfast in the San Bernardino Mountains area. the website says it has a great view and it does but i never did see the ocean from there. why? smog! you get high up enough and you can avoid smog but sometimes it rolls into the open window nonetheless. combined with the elevation, i felt a bit dried up w/ itchy eyes and a scratchy throat but that did not stop us from having a good time. it is beautiful up there and it was fun to drive the winding roads, to catch glimpses of bird of prey floating the breezes, to see the variety of trees and watching the vegetation change according to elevation and side of mount, the patches of wildflowers. one thing about the eateries up there - everything seems to have cheese, in case you're wondering.


Hurricane Ike was about 600 miles wide at its peak, nearly the size of Texas. that its impact was not nearly as bad as predicted or expected, well, it is fucking amazing.

to all those folks in Galveston and nearby areas who weathered the storm: you are all idiots and very lucky to be alive. count your blessings or whatever it is you do.

i predict Miami will be destroyed outright in my lifetime by a hurricane. New Orleans is second on my list. i also predict that a major city on the upper Atlantic coast of the US will suffer badly in the next ten years. mark my words.


Tons of drugs dumped into wastewater
Discarded medications end up in drinking water, ongoing report finds

it may never be proved but i suspect that the pandemic i am convinced will eat up most of humankind will be the result of such dumping. sound depressing? well, that's the world you live in. this shit was not an issue all that long ago. now look at us... wallowing in the waste and crumbling of our false security. oh, where has our good sense gone?


for you folks interested in poetry, poetics and theory, this lil review in the Brooklyn Rail of a new anthology of essays edited by Craig Dworkin amused me.


can someone remind me why the presidential race matters? best answer gets a cookie.

Mon, Aug. 25th, 2008, 08:14 am
back to school issue(s)

below is an updated list of schools and programs i'm interested in applying to. it is a bit too long at the moment though my primary preoccupation is getting together application materials as i have been out of touch with professors (and the ones i want to have letters from most are dead) & writerly friends, behind on writing and a bit rusty on math (which, unlike most of my counterparts, i am good at and do not fear).

my selections suggest that i am most interested in writing, which is true, but at the doctorate level one is expected to have scholarly interests as well. given my, as folks put it, eclectic and interdisciplinary interests, i am looking for programs &/or professors that best fit plus, as one may note, i'd like to be in California (for a variety of reasons, none of which i will go into at the moment). there are certainly other places to consider but i have either forgotten about 'em, don't wanna be there or am unaware of the institution's direct & personal value to me.

anyway, my interests as regards my studies are focused upon but not limited to one or more of the following: anarchism and the arts, emergence, historiography, history of science, philosophy of science, poetics, poetry (especially neglected poets and "difficult" poetry; ekphrasis)


Brown University - English
Emory University - Liberal Arts
Stanford University - Modern Thought and Literature
University of California, Berkeley - English
University of California, Berkeley - Rhetoric
University of California, Los Angeles - English
University of California, Santa Cruz - English
University of California, Santa Cruz - History of Consciousness
University of Denver - English/Creative Writing
University of Georgia - English/Creative Writing
University of Southern California - Literature & Creative Writing


Bucknell University - Stadler Fellowship
Stanford University - Stegner Fellowship

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